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July 31, 2015

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Costa Rica Cruises on The Decline

Costa Rica Travel News - The Government and the private sector try to make a joint effort with external promotion and improvement of internal services, to reverse the decline in attracting cruise that has occurred in recent years.

costa rica cruisesFor the 2013-2014 season, which begins next January. ° September, is forecast to reach 130 large ships at the two ports of Puntarenas and Limón port 59, according to preliminary data provided by the Costa Rican Ports Pacific (Incop) and the Board of Port Administration and Economic Development in the Atlantic (Japveda).

The Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), which considers in his account the arrival of some smaller boats to all ports of the country, along with the great, explained that, for example, in the period 2011-2012 the total cruise in Costa Rica was 345.

Loría Wagner, secretary of the Costa Rican Association Cruise Industry, said that between 2011-2012 and the date fell by 50% the entry of large cruise ships to Caldera and Puntarenas docks and German, in Limon. The main problem arises in the Caribbean.

This situation is due to the lack of progress in improving services for boats and tourists and strong competition from nearby countries, such as Colombia, Panama, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

Unstable. External factors that vary by season affect the arrival of cruise ships and the number of passengers to Costa Rica, said Juan Carlos Borbón, general manager of ICT.

Among these factors, mentioned the weather, fuel costs, creation, modification or deletion of routes and changes or lines foray into new markets.

Locally, recognized that it takes a great improvement in port infrastructure to receive such ships, although there are differences in each port.

He noted that cruise operators are affected by strikes or threats of protests and security, which is the main attraction to the Costa Rican authorities.

He said the ICT, the train Japdeva Incop and private employees and coordinate to improve services to the cruise.

Loría recalled that two of the major operators Carnival and Royal Caribbean, stopped sending some lines to Limon. The move, said Loria, attributed it to competition and safety reasons.

According Bourbon, the cruise market is affected by a new decision of customers. Tourists are giving preference to travel short periods of three to a maximum of seven days, which cover the widest possible set of locations.

That affects longer trips, where demand dropped in recent years, and they were the most often in the spring German of Lemon, Bourbon said.

He acknowledged that the Caribbean is being also strong competition from Colombia, not only against Costa Rica but against other destinations in the area.

With regard to the Pacific, Bourbon announced that it will develop a joint strategy of several Central American countries and Mexico to consolidate the path called Mesoamerica.

“That plan, he added set ourselves away from competing with each other, should enable us from next year increase the number of cruise passengers to the countries involved in this initiative.”

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