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August 2, 2015

Medical Tourism News:

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Melissa Plancarte; The Cartel Princess of Mexico

Mexico Entertainment News - The war against Mexico’s cartels has been on the streets for as long as we can remember and now it’s gotten to the web, too. This is after the daughter (Melissa Plancarte) of a well known drug lord posted a selfie in an outfit that featured the symbol of her father’s gang. Outrage was sparked!

Melissa Plancarte selfieThe controversy comes because just this week Mexican officials legalized the country’s vigilante, self defense groups, who are fighting the cartels. This legalization followed the capture of Melissa Plancarte’s relative, one of the top Knights Templar drug cartel leaders. Plancarte’s tribute to the red cross on a white background, the emblem of the cartel, came at a time when vigilante’s are making progress against the criminal organization responsible for spreading terror in Mexico.

Melissa styled herself as the ‘cartel princess.’ She’s an aspiring pop singer. ’My world, my dream and my passion is music and I have been devoted to it for a while, at the same time I focus on my studies. My career can not be tainted by events that I don’t take part in,’ she said.

She was hired by the Michoacan government to perform at a public fair in 2012, which brought about controversy, of course. She, however, has tried to distance herself from the criminal acts of her family, saying, “Regarding my father, I naturally love him, but I am not the one to judge him nor I am responsible for his acts, and I don’t have any regrets. I’m totally oblivious to the situations that people are linking me with.”


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